Holistic Treatments

Here at Deity Beauty, there are currently two holistic treatments available. These are: 


*** Swedish Massage ***

This is a classic, deeply relaxing massage. Swedish massage is performed using oil and various strokes to release tension and break up muscle ‘knots’. Swedish massage starts and finishes with relaxing effleurage strokes, whilst petrissage movements are performed in between (including kneading, picking up and wringing). This aids circulation and works deeper into the muscles. Percussion movements include hacking and cupping which are very warming for the tissues and stimulating for the muscle fibres. Friction movements can be applied to small areas to work deeper into muscle tissue. This is a wonderful de-stressing therapy that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

Benefits Of Swedish Massage:

* Blood circulation is improved
* The nervous system may be soothed or stimulated depending on the   techniques used
* Easing of muscular strain by flushing out toxins
* Helps keep ligaments and tendons supple
* Easing of emotional and physical stress
* Skin is softened and nourished depending on the medium used

What does Swedish Massage involve?

A consultation which will include a review of your medical history and lifestyle, and look at any contra-indications/contra-actions to treatment. I will then ask you to remove all jewellery and any clothing covering the area to be massaged (down to your under garments) before laying on the couch, face down, covered with a towel. Only the part that is being massaged will be exposed at any one time. Gentle music will be played to aid relaxation and candles and essential oils can be burned if the client wishes. After your treatment, I would ask you to remain still under the towel for a few moments before sitting up. I will give you a glass of water to drink and then you will be able to get dressed. You will be provided with the appropriate aftercare advice before leaving.

Please note: It is best to only eat a light meal after a treatment and to drink plenty of water over the following 24 hours to help eliminate toxins. It is also best not to do too much after a massage to gain full benefit from the treatment.


*** Indian Head Massage ***

Indian Head Massage has been performed in India in families for generations and was called Champi (the origin of the word shampoo). Today it has been adapted to help with many of the health issues arising in our Western civilisation.

By concentrating on various pressure points and massage techniques, blood circulation is improved which encourages detoxification and a better oxygen supply to the cells. The immune system is stimulated and joint mobility encouraged.

The massage concentrates on the scalp, upper back, neck, shoulders, arms and face which releases tension and addresses many issues including:

* Hair Loss and Hair Vitality
* Sleep Disorders
* Poor Concentration
* Anxiety and Stress
* Mental Health Problems
* Scalp Problems
* Ear Problems
* Eye Problems
* Muscular and Joint Pain
* Circulation Problems

What does Indian Head Massage involve?

Indian Head Massage is a treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back. It is a deeply relaxing and revitalising treatment providing many benefits.
The aim of Indian head massage is to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck shoulders and upper back.
A range of different massage movements, pressures and rhythms are used in order to stimulate circulation and restore joint movement and energy. Indian head Massage is also used to aid the condition and health of the hair and scalp, particularly when combined with the use of oils.