Massage Aftercare Advice

*** Massage Aftercare Advice ***

To ensure you receive the maximum benefits from the massage treatment you have received then the following aftercare advice is recommended, thank you.

Massage movements release excess toxins from the body. This can lead to a “healing reaction” when your body goes through the process of cleansing itself by eliminating toxins. It is therefore normal to experience one or more of the following symptoms starting within the 24 hours following your massage;

* Headache
* Feeling tearful
* Increased trips to the toilet
* Excess tiredness
* Inability to settle/sleep
* Increased perspiration
* Skin break outs
* Flu like symptoms
* Dehydration

These symptoms are only temporary and should fully subside within 48 hours of your treatment.


Over the next 24 hours:
* Drink plenty of water. Water helps the body to eliminate the toxins.
* Avoid drinking alcohol, or drinks containing caffeine. These contain toxins and can dehydrate the body further.
* Avoid eating for 1 hour after the treatment. When you do eat, try to have a light meal and include fresh vegetables, salads and fruit.
* Avoid strenuous activity and allow yourself time to continue to relax.

Ongoing Care:
* Find time for regular gentle exercise.
* Find time for regular relaxation.
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet.


Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07534 225978 if you have any problems or require further advice. Thank you.