Nail Care Advice

*** Nail Care Advice ***

Your nails are an important part of your appearance; they should be protected and looked after. Prevention is key, to stop nails becoming stained, brittle, split or overgrown. Your hands and feet also need protecting to ensure smooth skin with beautiful nails.

Please remember the following:
* Try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.
* Wear gloves when doing household chores such as washing up to protect your hands and nails from harsh detergents.
* Wear gloves in cold weather to prevent hands from drying and chapping.
* Remember nails must only be filed in ONE direction; Do NOT use a seesaw action as this will weaken the nails causing them to split.
* After washing your hands, and before bed, apply hand cream liberally to your hands and lower arm.
* After washing your feet, and before bed, apply a moisturising cream.
* Keep your hands, feet and nails clean; Wash them regularly.
* Ensure well fitted socks, tights, stockings and shoes are worn to prevent damage to the toes and nails.
* Invest in a pumice stone/ foot file to prevent a build up of hard skin.
* Keep your toe nails short and neat; they should be cut straight across.
* If you suffer from feet that sweat lots, use talcum powder to ensure dryness.
* Always use a base coat to prevent nail staining.
* Use an acetone free nail polish remover to prevent dehydrating the nails.
* Use cuticle oil daily to keep the cuticles soft.
* Apply top coat to make nail polish last longer and give your nails a nice shine.